Data Protection Policy


  1. The privacy of Your Personal Data is important to Dr. Cool Asia
  2. Your Personal Data means the data about you that specifically identifies you or the data about you which combined with other information that Dr. Cool Asia has or is likely to have access to which can be used to identify you. Your Personal Data may include your name, email address, mailing address, phone number, data of birth, NRIC number, marital status, credit card number, photographs and video images of you at Dr. Cool Asia premises, and information relating to the computers or electronic device that you use to access Dr. Cool Asia website at, Dr. Cool Asia mobile phone applications, Social media platforms that may be used by Dr. Cool Asia from time to time (the “Applications & Pages).
  3. Your Business Contact Information means your name, position name or title, business telephone number, business address, business electronic mail address or business fax number and any other similar information about you, not provided by you solely for your personal purposes.
  4. This Data Protection Policy governs how Dr. Cool Asia may from time to time collect, use and disclose Your Personal Data.

Points of Collection

  1. Your Personal Data may be collected, used or disclosed by or on behalf of Dr. Cool Asia on the various occasions. Some examples include:
  • when you transact with or contact Dr. Cool Asia directly or through Dr. Cool Asia authorised partners;
  • when you access and/or use Dr. Cool Asia’s websites  or Applications & Pages;
  • when you participate in activities organised by Dr. Cool Asia, including but not limited to Dr. Cool Asia’s loyalty programs, promotions,lucky draws, contests and redemption activities
  1. Your Personal Data may be collected, used or disclosed by or on behalf of Dr. Cool Asia for the following purposes:
  • establishing and managing your accounts with Dr. Cool Asia;
  • to facilitate transactions between Dr. Cool Asia and you (the “Transactions”), your use of any of our Application & Pages and the provision of services by Dr. Cool Asia in connection with the Transactions (the “Services”);
  • to deliver or install products to fulfill the Transactions;
  • to track and confirm the Transactions;
  • for administering any warranty program which applies to you or for which you have requested;
  • to send you Dr. Cool Asia’s marketing surveys and feedback forms;
  • to send you Dr. Cool Asia’s newsletters, promotions, announcements and alerts;
  • to send you information on joint promotions that Dr. Cool Asia’s and third parties are conducting;
  • to facilitate your participation in Dr. Cool Asia’s online community areas;
  • to process your application for a job with Dr. Cool Asia;
  • to refine or improve the security, use, features and functions of the Application, the Transactions and the provision of the Services;
  • to develop new features and functions of the Application;
  • to resolve disputes that may arise between Dr. Cool Asia and you;
  • to protect the legal rights or property of Dr. Cool Asia
  • to comply with applicable laws;
  • for Dr. Cool Asia’s evaluative purposes; and
  • for other purposes which Your Personal Data was given.
  1. Dr. Cool Asia may from time to time notify you of other purposes of collection, use or disclosure of Your Personal Data and you are deemed to have consented to collection, use or disclosure of Your Personal Data for such purposes by your continued conduct of Transactions and/or use of any of the Application & Pages.