Servicing and Repair

Singapura, oh, Singapura, Sunny island sets in the sea… As the familiar children’s song sings. Singapore is a hot and humid island, and now a concrete jungle with many high rise buildings. Over the years, temperature rises due to global warming, air-conditioner have become a need to many people rather than luxuries.

Air-conditioner not cold? Air-conditioner leaking water? We definitely have all the solutions to your air-conditioner needs. It is always good to have frequent air-conditioner service maintenance to avoid costly repairs in the long run. A well maintained air-conditioning system translates to cooler air with lower electrical bills.

In general, Inverter air-conditioner will require more regular servicing compared to conventional non-inverter air-conditioner. Inverter systems are more complex and delicate in nature, powered by inverter PCB controls to attained high energy efficiency. With more compact high efficiency coil design, and running mainly of R410a refrigerant, inverter systems are more prone to water leakage due to slime algae accumulation in drainage pipes, and more susceptible to condensation problems due to poor maintenance or improper usage habits.

Dr. Cool Asia have vast experience in service and repair of split units air-conditioner, VRF / VRV systems, AHU, and chilled water systems. We provide general service, high pressure steam cleaning, and chemical overhauled for all type of fan coil units including wall mounted type, ceiling cassette type, ducted type, ceiling suspended type, floor standing type, window unit, and casement units. Feel free to call us at 6473 3413 for any air-conditioner related enquiries.

Servicing and Repair Gallery

Chemical Overhauled Ceiling Suspended Fancoil Unit shophouse @ hougang

Chemical Overhauled Ducted Fancoil Units in Cluster House @ Bukit Timah

Chemical Overhauled Ducted Units @ Marina Bay Residence

Chemical Wallmounted Fan coil unit in landed house at Ang Mo Kio

Preparation Work For Pressure Test

General Service Ducted units @ Sentosa

Insulating Sewage Pipe And U Trap To Prevent Condensation