Frequently Asked Questions

Servicing and Repair

  1. Enjoy Service Priority without additional charges
  2. Free Diagnosis and Troubleshooting
  3. Full Warranty* against drainage pipes water choke during Maintenance Contract Period
  4. Enjoy cleaner air to breathe in
  5. Save on energy costs and total maintenance costs
  6. Prolong the life span of the equipment
  7. Prevent water dripping and condensation problems
  8. Detection of any abnormal function
  9. Prevent major repairs / breakdowns
  1. Cleaning of evaporator coil
  2. Cleaning of condensate drain pan
  3. Cleaning of condensate water drainage system
  4. Cleaning of blower wheel and blade
  5. Checking of all electrical component
  6. Checking of all settings
  7. Lubricating of all moving parts
  8. Checking of refrigerant system
  1. All charges listed are subjected to locations & site accessibility
  2. Topping up of refrigerant or works not stated will be charged separately
  3. Payment has to be made upon completion of job on site in the form of Cash or Cheque. (We do not do billing) - Cheque should be Crossed and made payable to ‘DR. COOL ASIA’ - DR. COOL ASIA Reserves the Rights to change any of our Terms & Conditions, and Pricing without prior notice.
Our workmanship warranty is 30 days from the day you engage us for general service. However the warranty will be voided if customer do not take our advice for any rectification work required/proposed thereafter, or the air con units require other service i.e. chemical overhaul, steam cleaning etc.
Our workmanship warranty is 30 days from the day you engage us for chemical overhauled. However the warranty will be voided if customer does not take our advice should there be any rectification work requires thereafter which is of no relation to our workmanship.
No. Topping up of refrigerant will be quoted separately if required.
In general, there are no hidden costs/ charges. All prices quoted are nett; Additional costs may incur subject to locations and site accessibility. In the event that there could be possibility of additional charges incur, our technicians will quote customer on site. Job will only commence upon confirmation with customer.
All routine services are provided on Monday to Saturday between 9am to 6pm except on public holidays. Our office operating hours are from Monday to Friday between 9am to 6pm, and between 9am to 1pm on Saturday.
Our friendly customer service officers can be reached through the following channels:
Our technicians are currently assigned with 2 hours time frame i.e. 10am to 12 noon means that our technicians will arrive within the time frame given, not including job completion. We usually do not assign our technicians to arrive at an exact timing, as our technicians may be held up by the earlier job. Do not hesitate to get in touch with our customer service officer should you require specific timing arrangement during booking of appointments. We will do our best to facilitate.